Heitor Alvelos – Faith


CD – Touch

Heitor Alvelos boasts an unconventional artistic background. A long-term collaborator with Touch, he has also designed and implemented stage visuals for Biosphere, Fennesz, BJNilsen, Rafael Toral and Philip Jeck, as well as producing sounds under the various monikers of Autodigest, Antifluffy and Before Surgery. Since 2008 Alvelos has also been the curator of FuturePlaces Media Lab for Citizenship. Faith, the first full length release conjured up by the eclectic artist, is in the same vain as many of his previous works; fascinating narratives, a wide cultural context and a comforting coherence. The cavernous sounds that unravel through the 12 sections of this album feel very organic and analogue. Irregular field recordings and drone-based music form a conceptually rigorous and powerful continuum. There is emphasis on low frequencies that evoke and spectral and ghostly landscape – the result of abstract audio captures the artist has collected since the early seventies. The processed elements are very sparse, grumbling and buzzing with modulated static and minimal variations. The charm of the work thus resides in the disparate sound sources, artfully undisclosed. The juxtapositions are well-calibrated and harmonically very engaging. Alvelos presents organized environments that are not always comfortable refuges for the listener. Indifference seems impossible with this highly evocative and abstract record and there is something operatic about the fervency of its richly pulsing drones.


Heitor Alvelos – Errant [Touch]