André Stordeur – Complete Analog And Digital Electronic Works 1978-2000


André Stordeur is a Belgian electronic musician whose career was launched in 1973 with a tape composition commissioned by Eric Convents and Roger Steylaerts – a soundtrack to a film about Gordon Matta­Clark (who, along with artists like Laurie Anderson, Richard Nonas and Lucio Pozzi, was one of the founders of Anarchitettura, a movement that aimed to fuse anarchism and architecture). Stordeur’s early work began in the musique concrete avant-garde, crafting experiments that focused on shapes and synthetic processing and were free from symbolic implications. The artist did feel, however, that his tracks from this period offered a more human and intimate alternative to the cosmic electronic music that was so prevalent at the time. In the late seventies we find Stordeur at the IPEM (the Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music) where he released 18 Days, a composition reissued in the first of this three-Cd Sub Rosa presentation. A number of years later his work began to incorporate the legendary Serge analogue synthesizers. This period also produced a noteworthy soundtrack for the Du Zaire au Congo documentary by Christian Mesnil, as well as collaborations with David Wessel at IRCAM and with Morton Subotnick in the USA. The second CD, Analog And Digital Works, includes two works compositions from 1980-81 and one from 2000, during which time the artist also became interested in applying synthesis techniques to instrumental tradition Indian music (which makes up one third of this comprehensive collection).


André Stordeur – Memories


André Stordeur – My World