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2CD – Phonophon

With artwork by Tobias Schmitt – a name familiar to those who follow Gruenrekorder – this release celebrates the fifth anniversary of the Verein zur Förderung von Phonographie und experimenteller Musik e.V. and the phonophon concert series. The two cd collection brings together forty different artists and recordings, evenly representing disparate genres from ambient and non-music to drone and free improvisation, as well as different types of field recordings, electronic music, spoken word and experimental developments. The record moves from Lasse-Marc Riek’s liquefied textures to the fuzzy, glitchy intonations of Tobias Schmitt, Tomislav Bucalic and Aidan Mark (under the moniker Suspicion Breeds Confidence). There are the live-iterated ruptures of phase~in and the cinematic moods of Carsten “AlarmEn” Stiller. A change of pace is provided by the declamatory free-form experimentalism of Sudden Infant follow and darker dronal patterns courtesy of “Ständig kalkulierbares Esperanto” by 3 Banditos. This more mournful mood continues with Al Margolis – aka If, Bwana – lurking between the grooves with “Skyline Sunset Voice” and the vocals of Viv Corringham, which evolve toward digital slashes, click-n-cuts and spatiotemporal vortices carefully molded by Pit Noack.


Sudden Infant @ Ground2

Suspicion Breeds Confidence – Teflonfleisch