Thomas Köner – Tiento De Las Nieves


CD – Denovali

Thomas Köner is a media artist who attends to those border areas located at the intersection between the more purist and experimental spheres of sound composition, of the visual arts, of sound installation and of digital production. This diversity of disciplinary orientations is set aside here, with the focus moving towards extremely minimal melodic structures. The album, which is just over an hour long, is contemplative and aesthetic in shape, full of pauses and dilated sequences, beautifully enigmatic and elegiac. The term “Tiento” – a concept that is evoked in the title – references a style of instrumental music in vogue in Spain between the Sixteenth and Eighteenth centuries. An Italian singer and writer of that time, Pedro Cerone, who was an expert of Spanish music, explained well in his treatise that the genre has to be performed in such a way as to resonate a keyboard instrument. Imagine the response in the trait d’union to the work presented today by Thomas Köner and edited by Denovali. This work also resonates, building from a meditative and droned base, reminiscent of the sound of a vibrating clavichord or harpsichord. The instrument is in fact a piano. Ivana Neimarevic who has also collaborated with Köner in the past – is very capable of producing a poetic and nuanced composition, where the notes do not appear to be fixed in order or in interval, but are magically adrift.


Thomas Köner – Tiento De Las Nieves [Excerpt]