Michael Edwards – For Rei As A Doe


CD – Aural Terrains

Created using only a piano and a computer, this Michael Edwards release for Aural Terrains is impressive listening. Self-written software was employed in the compositional process and for the management of technical skills, modulating streams of notes in a very structured and quietist manner that is both restrained and evocative. Michael Edwards is no stranger to improvisation and the manipulation of real-time digital environments to create independent algorithmic compositions. Playing a song of this kind requires an extremely controlled and meditative approach: although the piece was originally made for Rei Nakamura, a virtuoso pianist with excellent (albeit more decisive and immediate) technique, the challenge was to work on the resonance of the piano in a way that is sweet but not at all new age. The software is designed to process four channels: one for each hand of the pianist and two more for high and low emulations of analogue synthesis, reproduced by the computer. The assignment of parts is determined by permutations of 24 possible variations of the four channels. Magical results abound in a work that is patiently improvisational, extemporaneous and poetic, contemplative and very musical.


Michael Edwards — for rei as a doe [extract]