Janek Schaefer – Unfolding Luxury beyond the City of Dreams


LP – Dekorder

A city lives in unbridled luxury while underneath is the suffrage of a few. No, this is not the plot of Elysium but the last dystopia by Janek Schaefer, now back on Dekorder.schaefer assembles diverse materials in a hypothetical elegy hymn to the contemporary metropolis. The artist from the corner of his room looks at the world, remembering his dead brother-in-law, telling his personal dreams: white lights of the gates of heaven with divine darkness of God in this life. Sacred tone and worldly accents: the second track, is from a performance at the “Future Beauty, 30 years of Japanese fashion,” staged at The Barbican Gallery in London, while at the end of side A we have a piece of orchestral drone with an old french lady who sings for her cats and then a persuasive and layered piano loop, recorded using a helium balloon floating in the clouds above the city. As in a novel by William Seward Burroughs, the city of dreams is a port of entry for other concepts, generating a thousand dynamics. Unfolding Luxury beyond the City of Dreams fills the heart with hope, without being too consolatory a work, bringing the London sound-artist to the role he deserves, one of undisputed master, able to move between multiple mediums and compositional techniques.


‘Luxury’ by Janek Schaefer from the LP ‘Unfolding Luxury beyond The City of Dreams’