Horla – Orogenèse


12” – Le Cabanon

Released only on 12″ vinyl for Le Cabanon, this Horla production references two fantastic horror tales written by Guy de Maupassant in the late 19th century, stories that many literature aficionados consider exemplary chronicles of human craziness. The record creates tension in its juxtaposition of techno-dub and minimalist structures, with reflective patterns and environmental noise contributing to a tight progression of industrial-infused suggestions. Matthieu Haberard’s short supplementary text begins: “La distance est la première émotion”, confirming Le Cabanon’s penchant for literary and musical influences. Orogenèse, the title of the EP, is a scientific term that refers to the geodynamic processes behind the formation of mountains. This is obviously also a metaphor for overlapping patterns and elements, the configuration of new structures and chains, conjuring images of sedimentary terrain folding under the pressure of the lithosphere to create new rock masses. The atmospheres unravel with persistence, fluttering with vicious, anxious and intriguing modulations – invoking a very dark and obsessive hybrid of various electronic influences that feels both ambivalent and metaphysical.


Horla – Orogenèse EP