Aposematic Jacket, cameras as improper weapons


Sousveillance, or the recording of an activity by a participant, usually using small portable/wearable cameras, implies not only a change of perspective, but also a different balance of power. The collective Shinseungback Kimyonghun has created a pure sousveillance suit for their artwork “Aposematic Jacket”. It’s a jacket with lots of small sewn “cameras” (or lenses with Raspberry Pi boards, ready to record and post online at the push of a button). Defined as an anti-aggression self-defence device, the jacked is a “tailored” version of the many cameras we’ve started to deal with (in-house surveillance, GoPro, Google Glass, Dash Cams, etc.). But if cameras are for self-defence, can they be considered like porcupine spines (as the collective suggests) or improper weapons, which we show off as surrogate superpowers (extra vision, safely recorded) in order to protect ourselves? If so, this change to their semantic value will need to be quickly interpreted and absorbed.


Aposematic Jacket


Aposematic Jacket from Shinseungback Kimyonghun on <a