Radio Cegeste – three inclements (the ocean does not mean to be listened to)


CD – Consumer Waste

Playfulness with spatiality is immediately evident in these three recordings (around 29 minutes in total) that were captured and performed in multiple locations in a nature reserve on Kapiti Island, New Zealand. The area is famous for its high cliffs and is considered an ornithological site of great significance. Despite such locations there are few birds to be heard in these tracks and when they are present it is always in the distance. There is a broader context at play here: recorded all in one day as part of a residency program, the artist made use of an old multiband maritime radio as a receiver, scanning the country and the coast to channel environmental harmonies and recording using a variety of microphones. The work considers the idea of signal and relates historical methods of communication to the evocative sense of a place that has suffered exploitation but also conservation and restoration. The tracks could interpreted as an overwhelming urge to surrender in relation to nature: however it is the liminal regions – seemingly empty natural spaces – that still require accurate modulation in order to discover their secrets and essence.

Radio Cegeste – a lagoon considered against its archival image