Zeitkratzer – Lou Reed: Metal Machine Music


CD – Zeitkratzer Productions

This Zeitkratzer release features a classical ensemble of clarinet, violin, cello, double bass, trombone, trumpet, piano, guitar and percussion. The work, an adaptation of Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed, was conducted by Reinhold Friedl and recorded live at two locations: Romaeuropa Festival and the Festival of Open Reggio Emilia, before being mixed and mastered by Rashad Becker. Zeitkratzer has been steadily gaining visibility over the past ten or so years and has won awards in research scenes for his application of concert culture to contemporary non-academic contexts. The original 1975 recording already offered certain classical strains (Vivaldi), though all is shrouded in feedback and distortion. Zeitkratzer’s new version is more transparent in its intent, with impeccably ethereal and alluring passages that unfold with a sonic richness and self-assurance. The artist takes his revenge on contemporary chamber music, employing a methodology of modelling traditional structures – something that for us cannot count as brilliantly conceptual . The ambiguity and richness of this exposition is also due to the controversial nature of the seminal version: some stridently refuse to approve, while for others the work is a reflection on the languages ​​in music, or functions as a “surreal object,” a “poetic assault” or “serialist bubblegum”. The current reworking keeps much of the charm of the original’s dense sound and improvisation, producing an intense and very musical, but perhaps unresolved radical experience.


Zeitkratzer (Lou Reed) Metal Machine Music Part 1 (Live)

Lou Reed & ensemble Zeitkratzer: “Metal Machine Music” (2° e 3° parte)