Origami Galaktika – One


CD – Monochrome Vision

Benny Braaten, aka Origami Galaktika, has released a number of works since 1996 – LPs, double LPs, CDRs and CDs. Some of these have been self-produced while labels such as Speeding Across My Hemisphere, Black Orchid, Jester, Blade and Monochrome Vision have produced others. 021226 Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, his penultimate work, is a live album from 2009. The relatively slow period since then doesn’t seem to have had any adverse effects on the Norwegian experimenter. One is divided into eight scores consisting of refined and inspired sequences that float in space, melding field recordings and electronically manipulated real instruments. It has an ambient quality but is not background music; there is a feeling of a contemporary space here amid the psychedelic beats. The music allows the author to express his taste for the meditative, presenting dreamy constructions filled with a neopagan religiosity and influenced by a vision of music as an occurrence. Everything is “one”, according to Eastern philosophies: the reciprocal connection between things is the engine driving our lives. Science, too, is interested in holistic visions of reality: from neurobiology to quantum mechanics, science provides some support to ideas that previously were only encouraged by the intuitions of artists and philosophers. However, the message of Origami Galaktika is spiritually clear, creating a bridge between old intuitions and contemporary awareness; a poetics developed with coherence and very few flaws, pleasant in its textures and unpredictable in its movements.


Origami Galaktika Live at K4, Praha


Origami Galaktika Live at K4, Praha from Per Åhlund on Vimeo.