Le Forbici Di Manitù – Automitoantologia


Box CD+Book – Sussidiaria

Le Forbici Di Manitù, a collective formed by the mysterious Manitù Rossi, Andrea Landini, Enrico Marani and Vittore Baroni, return with this luxury commemorative edition. Automitoantologia is presented as a collection of “30 years of clippings, rarities and unreleased works”. The release is also very interesting thanks to the refined artwork: it includes a 72-page booklet that remembers the stories surrounding this odd combo, shedding some light on the evolution of the Italian independent scene over the past few decades. From the eighties onwards their music has drawn on the first impulses of post-punk, new wave sub-culture, folk-kitsch, noise and industrial music. Although the group has been touched by a number of exotic-vintage fascinations there remains a solid core of quintessential rock. Not all the tracks are presented in a complete form: some of them are meant only as “historical documents”: for example, the alienating “Io Ho In Mente Te”, a pop ballad written by Mogol for Equipe 84, here transformed into an almost-minimalist lullaby, or “Tagliare”, an electronic track sung by the little Erika Ciani. Le Forbici Di Manitù are the national pioneers of every easy, popular and/or conceptual quote, remake or language reinterpretation (see for example the irritating and generic cover version of “Religion” by PIL). The last track is “Preti Pedofili”, written by Baroni with Satana Cianciulli, another founding member of Forbici who has been officially out of the band since 1990 but often shares public celebrations with the collective. In just one word: unmissable.


Le Forbici Di Manitù – Damento tan Creppo