Fabio Perletta – Interstitial Spaces


CD – Farmacia901

The first five minutes of the 28-minute-long first track pass in almost absolute silence. We found it necessary to crank up the volume on the mixer and re-listen from the beginning to have any chance of perceiving the weak audio emergencies emanating from the speakers. Upon reading the liner notes, however, we received instructions to listen to the record at low volume in a silent room. Following the advice we found ourselves paying more attention to the many nuances of Interstitial Spaces, the sequel to Field: Atom(s) Entropy. In this new work, Fabio Perletta focuses on the phenomenon of atom entropy: what happens in the void, in the gaps between structured matter. The recordings created in Roseto degli Abruzzi’s studio are unusual and very refined, and have been fashioned into two different compositions. Both involve the development and exploration of the smallest and most hidden particles. The rough sounding frequencies were generated with help from some home-made software called Seijaku (the silence). The second track (both were recorded between May and October 2013) includes samples by Alessandro Romano, captured at the Within 01 Festival in September 2012 at the Ex Convento di Colli Del Tronto. The performance consisted of the simultaneous actions of different musicians, each playing in their own space, controlling their own speakers from different locations relative to the audience. Perletta’s work is very congruent and structured, full of its own inner grace. From this point of view, it follows the guidelines set out by Farmacia901, a label we highly recommend. A lot of experimenters have worked for this label: Richard Chartier, Yann Novak, Erik Ursich, and a long list of Italian artists as well.


Fabio Perletta — Interstitial Spaces (Excerpt)