Eric Lunde – Audio Demonstrations of the Opycay 5.13 Digital Audio Degeneration Units


CD – Amalgamated Torso And Such

DIY devices, abrasive frequencies, heavy sounds, noisy and persistent; here are 74 minutes of absolute experimental anarchy spawned by devices powered by two nine-volt batteries and made from parts available in normal electronic supplies stores. The Opycay 5.13 V1 Digital unit is designed to degenerate audio samples: they are transformed in a stage of structural de-coherence and are played through condenser microphones and speakers. Looking at the simple hardback, whose artwork includes a sticker and three photographs, we discover that the samples originate from a Star Trek dialogue, a quote from Samuel Becket (by “Jeph Jerman, For Henry F. Farny”) and several other recordings made who knows when and where. Eric Lunde is a veteran of hyperbolic productions: he started his career in 1983 with Darren Brown, giving life to the combo Boy Dirt Car and producing several LPs and tapes; an exciting form of noise that at the time was thought of as “the American answer to Einstürzende Neubauten”. This period ended in 1989 and after some single releases he published a book of poems. Between 1990 and 2004 he entered into “a deep vegetative state” and became “more or less like a luddite”. But Lunde began to believe that a lot of artistic questions needed to be raised once more. Thanks to this he found renewed activity, motivated to develop his already broad and interesting production back catalogue. The listening here is not easy but lovers of this genre will be able to properly appreciate this work.