Connect_icut – Crows & Kittiwakes Wheel & Come Again


CD – Aagoo/Rev. Lab

Behind the moniker “Connect_icut” hides Sam Macklin, an English artist now based in Vancouver. Since 2005 this experimenter has released five albums and several side-projects, equally divided between free-folk ensembles and electronic music. In Crows & Kittiwakes Wheel & Come Again, released by Aagoo Records and embellished by a beautiful graphic layout by REV. Laboratories, Connect_icut skilfully weaves dilated and fluid tonal sequences that resound with a bucolic indolence, slightly veined by synthetic winces and faint interferences. This work may be deemed glitch or post digital and it follows a number of influences (the mixture of melodic elements and rarefied abstractions) that defined a certain style over the last decade. It may be objected that there is nothing new here, but we would like to underline that these stylistic mixtures are also being witnessed in the evolutions of some current rock scenes. Such structural and emotional dichotomies are still effective and attractive, thanks to dissonances that are now more sweet, free from exasperated radicalisms and characterized by elegant and sinuous sidereal articulations. The mood of the work is dreamy, ethereal and impregnated with an instinctive spatiality. The work is, however, highly communicative and not strictly closed within definitive stylistic boundaries. The modulations are involving and they flare up between the cracks of mysterious geometrical passages. The six tracks are full of fertile elusiveness and constitute a form of laptop music that is imbued with a cultured pop sensibility; one re-designed to express contemporary indie flavours.


Connect_icut – Imperial Alabaster (Long Version)