edited by Domenico Quaranta, Geraldine Juárez – The F.A.T. Manual


Link Editions, ISBN: 9781291577914, English, 224 pages, 2013

The Free Art and Technology (F.A.T.) Lab is probably the only contemporary collective whose output and impact come close to matching the conceptual art movement. With twenty-five active members since 2007 it has won the Ars Electronica Golden Nica and has shared a 3D-printable file of the same Nica. It has defined markup languages for graffiti and scratch and has asked online sexcam performers to mimic famous nude paintings. The reference to the conceptual art movement is not accidental and the fertility of the F.A.T. Lab (which has never lost its dynamism) proves how aware they are of the matters they deal with and is testament to their passion for experimentation. Hacking here is an attitude that is collectively contextualised and shared and it assumes deeper meanings, sometimes with just a timely gesture and a minimal but effective strategy. F.A.T. Lab has been a significant narrative in recent years, absorbing history, media and strategies, blending them into enthusiastically fast production, reflecting the relentless speed of the networks and our desperate search for shortcuts to fix our busy life. This book, available as a free pdf and on print-on-demand is essentially a printed archive of 100 projects from their blog plus a few critical texts. What it does is to plant their intellectual seeds offline in order to produce more sense, even after several harvests.


F.A.T Lab: THE MANUAL from Videocassettera on Vimeo.