Murcof Et Philippe Petit – First Chapter

Murcof Et Philippe Petit - First Chapter_sito

CD – Aagoo

Fernando Corona is a Mexican electronic experimenter and multi-instrumentalist. Here he is in combination with Philippe Petit, a versatile musician, journalist and DJ from Marseille, the founder of BiP_HOp Records (as well as Pandemonium) and member of Strings of Consciousness. Together they have given life to three heartfelt post-classical pieces that are nocturnal, painful, ambient and churchy. First Chapter is not free from exoticisms and clearly recalls the tradition. The continuum of the compositions is smooth and coherent, following an imaginative thread inspired by mythology; we encounter Greek religion, ancient symbolism and some North European fantasy legends. The first track, “The Call of Circe” lasts 20 minutes and best demonstrates the connection between these two seminal artists. Arches, organs and ambient patterns recur in the scores, “radiated” together with other surreal suggestions and significant but slightly preponderant choral tunings. This is very original material – First Chapter isn’t reminiscent of anything in the back catalogue of either of these two non-academic masters. This work should be appreciated for its genuine exploration of new lands, the care taken over small details and the bashful and occasionally outrageous elegance of the tunes, which reflect a pronounced harmonic wisdom and ascetic melancholy. Aurelio Cianciotta


Murcof & Philippe Petit