Ubik – Circadian Rhythm, Sleep Disorder



Ubik is the moniker chosen by the Roman musician Marco Bonini, a guitarist and experimenter originally emanating out of the jazz tradition. Between March and August 2011, using only his instrument and a personal computer, he gave life to the compositions of Circadian Rhythm, Sleep Disorder. The scores were then recorded – in just one night – in complete solitude in his home studio, before being mixed with Fabio Perletta at the headquarters of Farmacia 901 in Roseto degli Abruzzi. The record is a very elegant and enjoyable production, melodic and vaguely post-rock, although there are glittering overlaps, abstract deconstructions and more digital elements present. “The idea of dedicating a record to sleeping disorders”, Bonini says, “hit my mind as an illumination when two tracks were already done and I was trying to find out their obscure sense.” Moving in this direction did not help to solve the symptoms: so nighttime composition through headphones became a kind of sleep treatment for Bonini. The compositional process has remained sensitive to the most minimal variations in tone and pattern overlap, elements that were kept ethereal throughout the scores. The fleeting nature of half-awake perceptions has been reflected in the similarly faint multiplication of audio content, noises and field recordings. All these elements have been subjected to many elaborations, so in many cases is it now impossible to trace the origins or development of a sound. Aurelio Cianciotta

Ubik – Circadian Rhythm, Sleep Disorder – Teaser