Tree People, Pokemachine – Split

Tree People

7″ + 3D book – Le Petit Mignon
Located in the shop of the Staalplaat crew in Berlin, Le Petit Mignon is a music label that also hides a publishing house and an itinerant art gallery focused on DIY culture, underground art and graphic design. The company has recently released a new album that is absolutely worthy of attention. This production is on the whole very interesting and unconventional for several reasons: first, the tendentious artwork by Fredox, presented with a diaphanous-emerald colour flexi disc and 3D glasses, and, from a musical point of view, for the rough sound, brutal and pervasive, realized by a combination of two noise bands, Tree People and Pokemachine. Furthermore, there is also a 12-page 3D booklet presenting the vitriolic prints of Le Dernier Cri. The first ensemble consists of John Hegre, Morten J. Olsen and Ignaz Schlik, while the second includes Anders Hana and Mat Pogo. In spite of the implicit differences in their approach to sound (though both are more or less structured, sharp, iterated, improvised and percussive) the feeling doesn’t change: harsh, monolithic, with penetrating and underground vocals. The album can be compared a certain avant-rock school with small electronic insertions and punkish theatricality. The contrasts and the similarities between the two compositions, “The Early Years” and “Eg Ottast Ingen” are not so important; what matters is the renewed interest of the new generations in experimental audio-abuse. The live elements of this extravaganza production (the meta-rock performances and compulsive rhythms) also deserve a mention. The first live exhibitions arranged by Le Petit Mignon took place in Tokyo and Osaka at the beginning of 2012 and they will soon be on tour in Europe.