Nad Spiro – Atomic Spy

Nad Spiro

CD – Geometrik
Dark, twisted, cerebral resonances filled with electronic retreats and industrial audio emergencies are mixed with drones, percussive electroacoustic insertions and clotted vocal breaks. The whole generates maudit suggestions and shocking and claustrophobic atmospheres that maintain a great charm and leave an impressive mark on the listener. As usual Rosa Arruti, aka Nad Spiro, is able to manipulate different textures, employing experimental techniques to explore a universe of suggestions that feel very dark and underground in tone. Although the basic elements are more accessible to the listener than the extreme conceptualisms, they do create a kind of niche as they interweave several unconventional elements of the dreamy environment via cut-upping and editing procedures, ghostly harmonic loops and guitar samples. The narration proceeds with connotations of nighttime and hyper-metropolitan surroundings, as if searching for the synthetic and the inorganic, in a manner reminiscent of Ballard novels. It pulses with a sense of its own self-referential development, while remaining ambiguous in the creation of its own inner contrasts. The release is published by Geometrik Records, a label that has already published Nad Spiro’s Vs. Enemigos De Helix, Fightclubbing and Tinta Invisibile. This musical route began in 2000 and is still characterized by a very strong and passionate outlook; insane and yet fascinating.