eRikm – Transfall


CD – Room40
In the notes of the album eRikm says: “The time spent on the composition of some of these pieces gave me the possibility to break out, that is to get out of my usual processes of degeneration/generation of a body or of a multiplicity of ‘pre-existing sound objects. Thus my gesture shifted, I have looked for and recorded my own sound materials.” Weaves of strident dissonances, atonal loops, field recordings and sometimes incomprehensible electronic emissions; all these elements acquire more power in the compositional continuum of the orchestral sources. They are always well-balanced and reactive, stimulating and never too persistent in their evolutions. Like any complex system, the total amount is bigger than the sum of the parts and the local interactions don’t help with predicting subsequent developments of the sound. There is the feeling that the author’s years of training and exploration of techniques has facilitated a creativity and chaotic presence. eRikm has been a landmark artist in concrete music and contemporary acoustic-digital experimentations for two decades now, not mentioning his incursions into more specifically visual and artistic fields (installations, sculptures, paintings and videos). Transfall displays all the features typical of a mature work, splendidly refined, evocative but also left purposely unresolved, aleatory, elusive and stylistically unclassifiable.