Emanuele De Raymondi – Buyukberber Variations

Emanuele De Raymondi

CD – Zerokilled
Skillfully drawing on his expertise in a number of areas (including electronic, free improvisation, jazz, minimalism and ambient music) Emanuele De Raymondi’s work is formed exclusively from a live recording of virtuoso Turkish clarinet player Oğuz Büyükberber, captured in a very characteristic space in Berlin. The sounds were captured in a large loft in Kreuzberg that has a natural reverberation decay of around 10 seconds, before being edited and processed. Cognizant of stratifications and juxtapositions effective in creating synergy between the improvisation and the digital processing, De Raymondi is able to completely draw the attention of the listener with textures that are consistently involving. It doesn’t really matter if hidden among the grooves are references to the evolution of music or other elements signifying a cultured approach – the work is pregnant with different perspectives. The high quality textures are the most involving element: lying between traditional and contemporary, the emissions open up passages characterized by a disarming architectural beauty, reordering the elegant and poignant many-sided expressions of the Turkish virtuoso. The voice of the clarinet player is always a very personal form of expression, which in this case is further colored by the space and the rewriting – a “scene” editing that adds a deeper complexity without changing the authenticity of the blends. The choice of sounds and phrasing join together horizons that are multi-faceted and highly sensitive.