Deison – Quiet Rooms


CD – Aagoo
The imaginative ambient sounds in this record were captured in four different rooms by Friulan sound-artist Cristiano Deison, a very ethereal manipulator not new to the international scenes, thanks to his work with artists such as Thurston Moore, Scanner and KK Null. In Quiet Rooms very dilated tonal drones dominate, feeding a dream climax that is rarefied and insinuating, sensitive and transient, and centered on the interaction between the strings and less abstract insertions (amplified draughts, hisses, door noises, a phone ringing, mewing cats). The breaks seem to underline the lifeless yearning of the stories that every place crossed by human vicissitudes somehow reflects. But perhaps this works only superficially; the idea that environments may “record” stories unavoidably affects the way we think and are influenced by those spaces. In this kind of procedure a persistent awareness inevitably arrives, making immediately visible shades of everyday life that in other contexts are barely recognizable. This creates a kind of aestheticism of daily life, with noises and sound fragmentations (excerpts of normal life) that are analogous to more incorporeal and stylized formal structures. As the title of the first of the four compositions suggests, the author undertakes a “Private Exploration”, executed in an ecstatic, dark and on the whole restless score.