Philippe Petit – Extraordinary Tales Of A Lemon Girl

Philippe Petit - Extraordinary Tales Of A Lemon Girl

CD – Aagoo
Philippe Petit is not new to revisiting contemporary music tradition: as a journalist and activist he can boast of almost three decades of genre-traversing experience sharing his own specific passions. His works have been released by cult labels such as Pandemonium and Bip-Hop that are actually his creatures; small labels that have played a significant role in the development of avant-electro, sound design and other forms of unconventional sound adventures, resting somewhere between modern ambient and an effective mix of acoustic and digital. In “Extraordinary Tales of a Lemon Girl”, released by Aagoo, there are eight different movements, themed materials that mimic the eclectic world of soundtracks, building dreamlike acoustic-orchestral shows full of seminal electronica, field recordings and occult turntablism, creating expressive passages with a marked “bricoleur” taste. Fuzzy melodies echo throughout the grooves and the atmospheres are reminiscent of animated film music, turning into small refined symphonies, drones and proto-electronic cinema effects, all pleasing and inspired. These compositions carry the listener on an atypical cultural trip, opening new doors wide and reactivating apparently dead synapses, a “stargate” for a trilogy in progress rich in multifaceted literary narrations. The scores are very original and fluent – although still abstract – and never appear vacuous in their elegant and hyper-citationist structure.