Maurizio Bianchi – Celtichants

Maurizio Bianchi

CD – Alone At Last
“Celtichants”, by Maurizio Bianchi, is dedicated to Lautréamont (Isidore Lucien Ducasse), which brings to mind the idea of a visionary nature, something a little obscure and crooked, a poetic similitude that brings us back to a “sound doomism”. The record is dense with hyper-rarefied atmospheres and formal jumps, organized in compulsively resonating scores and very sophisticated in the transitions between different layers. All is intertwined with dilated drones, frequencies and emergencies, which swarm with a mysterious evocative elaboration, never straying into trite references and techniques. The mimetic manners between the grooves are many, entities outlining incorporeal figures to the listener, fragmentary narrative abstractions feeding from the murkiest folds of our synapses. No one can say where these sounds come from or how they will evolve under such complex treatment. The tracks are oriented with a deep spatial sensitivity, even in the dilated scores, perspectives that prelude a retreat, a ceremonial lethargy, a definitely enigmatic and anti-romantic poetic side burrowing in the subterranean layers of our perception, exploring the alternative territories and the hallucinated modalities of a different sensitivity.