Joe Panzner – Clearing Pollutied


CD – Copy For Your

This is Joe Panzner’s latest solo album, the first since “Polished Rocks” (CD-R on Gameboy) and “False Positives” (Homophoni), both released in 2006. The listener immediately warms to “Clearing, Polluted”, a record with strong digital reworkings and uncompromising passages – all magnificently set under an elegant hybrid “power-drone” stylization. The author, famous also for his collaborations with Mike Shiflet under the moniker “Scenic Railroads” (both are based in Columbus, Ohio), makes profitable use of electronic glitch manipulations, bouncing cuts with sharp, low tones – sounds that also evolve in a more refined and quietist way. The constructions feel accurate and delicate but remain rich with convulsive winces and poppings. Noise certainly predominates and the envelopes often have a booming quality, giving life to a very solid wall of low bass sound and a kind of “computer music” similar to the sounds bands like Mogwai insert into their live shows. We experience feedbacks, digressions and alternations; always executed with great strain, passing from inertial states to mystic melodies and contrasted with moments of intense agitation. But this album, unlike other noise-electroacoustic-experimental albums, retains a directness and an appeal that allows it to get close to some kind of improvisational music, with mobile stratifications and an “organic” coherence that remains comfortable.

Joe Panzner – Clearing Polluted (album preview)