edited by Alexei Monroe State of Emergence: The First NSK Citizens’ Congress in Berlin

edited by Alexei Monroe State of Emergence: The First NSK Citizens' Congress in Berlin

Plöttner Verlag Gmbh, ISBN: 9783862110483, 2011, 256 pages, English
Although self-proclaimed states are not a new concept, not even in art, the “NSK State in Time” established by the Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) in 1992, was one of the most consistent and historically remarkable experiment. In fact it came out as a supreme expression of freedom in the beginning of the collapsing ex-Yugoslavia, creating a boundless state and issuing very plausible passports which were even used in the attempt of crossing borders. The whole process has continued as one of the most distinguished projects of NSK, being then characterized by its shift to internet. In fact the establishment of the nskstate.com platform in 2001 enabled NSK citizens to share and build different initiatives which led to 2010’s first NSK Citizens’ Congress at the House der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, whose comprehensive documentation is edited in this book. Moreover this process has been very consistent with NSK tradition. As Monroe underlines, the central concept of the majority NSK actions is improbability. And the outcome of this seminal congress is perfectly consistent with that, including all the contradictory conceptual tangents, the emblematic case of surge of passports request by Nigerian people (very well articulated by Inke Arns) till the accurate final declaration. Monroe at some point cites the “ambiguous pleasure of identification with the State” and the multifaceted outcome from the delegates composes this identification in a plethora of personal and collective conceptions of the State, reinforcing this beautifully Utopian and time-enabled “space.”