JB Floyd – Another Time And Place


CD – Mutable

Mutable Music

The first scores of “Another Time and Place” offer flowing, tranquil piano variations, rhythmic chords, a host of melodies and some slightly jazzy influences. The structures in “Solos And Sequences I”, a composition that dates back to 1999, gradually become more mobile and charming thanks to a complex series of notes that, like in an imperious stream of consciousness, are unraveled “in bunches”, outside the scope of predictable musical patterns. The piano used by the Maestro is a Yamaha Disklavier, a very high quality instrument that uses an electromechanical solenoid and optical sensors linked to a LED – a very elaborate technology and by no means “natural”. The Disklavier Pro version from more than thirteen years ago uses the MIDI protocol and allows for diverse levels of speed and sound. In the latest versions it implements additional operating systems that reproduce the features provided by remote controls Tablet PDA/ PC. JB Floyd absolutely masters his instrument, mindful of arpeggios, atonal passages, harmonies and the boogie-woogie piano tradition. His touch is inspired and sensitive to every nuance, and he receives vigorous applause at the end of the performance.