Emmanuele Gibello – Labyrinthe

Emmanuele Gibello

CD – Bruit Clair

The debut album of Emmanuelle Gibello, a Parisian artist accustomed to the union of visual and electronica, reveals a skillful manipulator of field recordings that have been extrapolated from both natural and urban contexts. The work utilizes electronic instruments, the Internet, video cameras, microphones (some modified), arranging many kinds of sounds into stinging synthetic sequences. Organized by layers, the tracks dispense archive sound clips and occasional recordings, combining literary inspirations and short textual elements that are used just like the other materials: as functional, vivid particles that interact in the context of a complex concatenation of fascinations and codes. For this discographical debut, Gibello joins together recordings derived from different projects: “Cry Bamboo” was recorded in 2010 for “Impronet”, a selection of “Cadavre Exquis” started by Anton Mobin for Radio Arte. “Crashtest # 10” is a live performance the artist executed for the “Manifesto Festival” in July 2002. “Pour faire peur aux enfants dans le noir” was produced in the “Locked Out” project edited by Jean-Philippe Renoult and Dinah Bird and was initially broadcast in May 2009 for the Journée de la Création Radiophonique. “Errata Corrige Random” was recorded live at Le Chat Noir in December 2009. The whole release is dedicated to “Erratum musical” by Marcel Duchamp, which is underpinned by surrealist combinatorial randomness. For the last two tracks, the Book of Changes is used as a tool for composition: procedures already used by Brion Gysin and William Burroughs in their proto-electronic beat investigations.