Francisco López + Novi_sad – Titans

Francisco López + Novi_sad

CD – GH Records
Francisco Lopez and Novi_Sad certainly don’t need too much introduction in the contemporary enclaves of experimental electronica. In “Titans”, again, they prove their incommensurable talent, unraveling ambient sound scores through a long process of transformation of the materials used. Field recordings made in the region of Olimpia in Greece, are articulated and enacted using extreme dynamics, organized in obscure passages that are thick and not easily encodable, almost undecipherable in the original captures and the subsequent studio manipulations. The title itself refers to the original contents and the region where the recordings were collected, but also reflects the task of exchanging opinions and strong poetics in a clash-encounter of attitudes. The titanic strength is also that of slow deflagrations, of hollow and subdued noises, of an insect swarm, elements that pile up, water currents and echoes, roars and tumultuous cacophonies. Metallic noises and dissonances, adapted fragments of a choral accumulation of the elements. Full volumes, falls and restarts, suspensions and jumps complete the list of imaginative scores collected and sorted here to compose an exemplary suite, where the starting material is the same for both and the results equally magnificent, showing common but also different sentiments, affirming and negating at the same time how a “capture” carries in itself a sound genome, a particular resonant frequency, a sound ripple that propagates unstoppably.