Miguel Prado – Comedy Apories

Miguel Prado

CD Anty-Copyright
Let’s be honest, when faced with a new Anty-Copyright crew release we are always prepared to encounter something unusual, radical and extremist, even from the perspective of audio art and experimental music. Even so, these elements are often so surprising that it becomes impossibile to separate them from the sound component of the work. In “Comedy Apories” after twenty minutes of listening the only sound is still the same as that heard at the beginning: a group laughter that continously loops, following irregular rhythms of repetition in a total absence of other sounds. Miguel Prado is interested in the minimalist qualities of people’s laughter, preferably as a result of an improvisation – his work here is radically independent of any other artifice or affectation. The author does not seem at all interested in creating a network of hypercomplex sounds, although the conceptual premises of the work may suggest a more intricate and careful handling as part of the imposistion of the author’s “aesthetic considerations”. The consistency of this work should be acknowledged: the tear between knowing and hearing is enhanced, forcing attention on the concept rather than the feeling. After thirty-six minutes, the laughter is still the same and our ability to judge is one again tricked by the extreme force of the artist’s argument, which cryptically turns to its advantage certain clichés of contemporary experience. In short, this art is not only identification with an artifact – it also plays the role of a theoretical and poetic displacement and intellectual provocation.