Martin Neukom – Studien 5-7

Martin Neukom

CD – Domizil
S basic elements of each auditory event: the oscillations. The feedback and non-linear filters, frequency distortion, granular synthesis work, crackle and various kinds of noise, combine to generate a continuous flow that is both engaging and fascinating: it could work as an ideal soundtrack for uninhabitable spaces. Many of the modifications made after the sounds were captured were enacted by recalibrating the stability of the system through a number of control circuits: at the root this is an aesthetic choice (also sensory and analytical) that has produced some significant new chains. Coarse vibrations, ringing, acute pulses and deep roars collide in a very propulsive way, giving rise to an intricate retro-future mosaic, oscillating between electronic digressions from the past and more contemporary experimental manipulation. Martin Neukom has studied musicology, psychology and mathematics at the University of Zurich, music theory at the Musikhochschule Zürich and choral conducting at Kantorenschule Zurich. In his work as a composer, music theory is always a decisive factor, albeit tempered by a certain randomness of the combinatorial factors in play.