Matta – Prototype


CD – Ad Noiseam
When we choose to review an Ad Noiseam release – a Berlin-based experimental label founded in 2001 by Nicolas Chevreux – we know from the start that we will have to face unconventional styles and musical projects that are difficult to define. This time, however, we have been surprising by an offering that sits fairly strictly within the confines of dubstep. The duo of Andy and James Matta have already produced a 12” for the German label entitled “The Lost”, which contains a sequence of three of the pure tracks also included in this album. “Inquisition Part III,” “Suicide Stutter” and “Mass” are tracks oozing with dark lullabies, a very full-bodied bass and restless urban fractures, played at the threshold of 140 bpm. Insidious sounds confirm the quality of the remixes the duo have produced this year for Hecq, Skism, Noisia, Black Lung and Bong-Ra. Here, the energetic and raw airs are crossed with a dark and always restless poetic that can withstand both majestic melodies and glitchy experiments, syncopated interludes and ambient textures.