Bettina Wenzel – Mumbai Diary

Bettina Wenzel

CD – Gruen
of city traffic. Glimpses of a background with exotic music and citations that emerge alienated from their original context reassemble during atonal passages into extended audio emergencies that include metallic sounds, squeaks, gloomy lullabies and sighs. In “Mumbai Diary” Bettina Wenzel shares with us an intimate universe, a deliberately fragmented and “gibberish” narration, characterized by a precise geographical connotation, yet still very personal in the eccentricity of musical forms, intentionally ever-changing and sharpened by the possibility of intrusive meanings that always lurk in the delicate interweaving of stylistic connections. Here are iterations that, despite the many recordings made by the artist, have been largely rebuilt in a home setting – Wenzel’s Indian apartment – as part of the search for a sound quality that in the “road catches” was merely hinted at. Finally we arrive at an intense sound, with nasal voices in harmony with the equally loud and evocative sounds of the eastern metropolis.