Andreas Bick – Fire And Frost Pattern

Andreas Bick

CD – Gruen
No metaphor – even in the art world, with its more experimental and avant-garde latitudes – exceeds the immediate fascination that the hot-cold dualism manages to evoke. The extremes – as Eastern philosophy teaches us – are to some extent complementary; they transform into each other, are interdependent and have a mutual origin. Especially in the field of acoustics, the auditory phenomena associated with fire and ice exhibit strange behaviors and very similar frequency dynamics: the field recordings that stem from them are almost indistinguishable. Erupting volcanoes and colliding icebergs – even though vastly different processes – seem to refer to the same world of sounds. These limits demarcate the “middle zone” of the audible. In both of the two long suites in this project by Andreas Bick, the materials extracted in the field have undergone only subtle changes and transformations, woven into an abstract structure that offers a truly intense sensory experience of the forces exerted.