Mathias Delplanque – Passeports

Mathias Delplanque

CD – Cronica
Mathias Delplanque was born in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, later moving to Nantes, France – the town where he currently lives and works. Composer, performer and music critic, Delplanque has several releases to his name over the past decade for small but interesting labels (Low Impedance, Optical Sound, Insubordinations). These projects have often focused on rather rarefied, immaterial and experimental sound creations, the result of research that now converges in sequences with an environmental attitude, modulating field-recordings and suggestions related to transport (railway stations, ports, parking lots and other transit areas). There are also recordings taken in other densely populated areas; a call center in New Delhi for example, a place that while not directly related to a condition of physical transport, alludes to passage of information, languages and procedures. All these elements are then organized and edited in his home studio, adding house noises which are difficult to distinguish alongside “auditive catches”. As a whole, these take shape in a very intriguing and suggestive way.