Jana Winderen – Energy Field

Jana Winderen

CD – Touch

Immateriality of sound and direct experience in the sensory perception of space and frequencies, among field recordings and rarefied amplified resonances, make this project by Jana Winderen particularly attractive and intricate. She’s an experimenter who, with four piezoelectric microphones that are specifically designed for recording in extremely humid environments (and with other even more sophisticated microphones), has meticulously created “Aquaculture”, a work built from a shrewd blend of micro-drones and scores, poetically arranged but restless, very dark and enveloping. In the first track there are also elements of “wildlife”, treated in a rather abstract and combinatorial way, despite the complexity of a fragile ecosystem that is more private than objectively real. We move someway within “unprecedented” or “never heard” concretions, particularly in “Isolation / Measurement” and “Sense of Latent Power”, which focus on catching the “dreamlike” deployment of this matter, subjected to a really special tuning accuracy.