Semuin – Circles And Elephants


CD – Ahornfelder
Provinces, the seminal 2005 album with which Jochen Briesen, using the moniker Semuin, triggered his personal research, was a collaboration with Anne Laplantine (aka Angelika Koehlermann), and was mastered by Greg Davis, another well-known musician in the niche areas of experimental-electronic sound. Since then a lot has happened and now, in the same spirit, “Circles And Elephants” evolves into more complex and gentle areas, using melodic patterns and improvisational strategies. Employing soft sounds, gently sloping and fascinating, it is vividly expressive and renders metamorphic intemperances, peeks between the grooves – creating a nice catalog of voices and nuanced tones. On top of an authorial mechanism full of weird moods and modulations, drones and exoticisms, through synthetic layers and calibrated distortions, there’s a perception of more audio landscapes; the glimpse of an enchanted and never openly decipherable reality.