Phase = Order, escaping the screen

Phase = Order

In the field of expanded cinema the two-dimensio- nality of the projection screen has long been a limitation that artists have attempted to overcome through many different strategies. Rotterdam-based Joris Strijbos, member of the ensemble Macular, has found a way to take audio-visual media out of its habitual constraints. Recovering the legacy of optical and kinetic art and taking the lead from László Moholy-Nagy’s “Light-Space-Modulator”, Phase = Order is an installation in which a single light source is projected on an array of mobile panels. It employs ninety-six transparent screens mounted on servomotors and arranged in a twelve by eight matrix on a neutral white surface. Carefully controlling the rotation of each panel through an algorithmic process, the system creates quickly evolving patterns of shade and light, reflection and refraction. Structured through organic relationships and governed by feedback principles, the interplay between the individual elements generates a complex visual field in which the eye is invited by endless trajectories to experience the limits of its own cognitive capabilities.

Matteo Marangoni