Gert-Jan Prins – Cavity: The Capacitive Version

Gert-Jan Prins

10″ – Onomatopee
A transparent 10-inch record, rarefied digitalisms and several texts weaving more suggestions and trajectories (Freek Lomme, Daniela Cascella and Willem van Weelden). A stylized 32-page color insert, a report of geometric installations and of the ultra-vivid relationship between environments, human beings and the resulting sounds. Gert-Jan Prins, a seminal free jazz percussionist who then converted to more abstract manipulations, here builds a very sensitive architecture, imbued with resonance and neutral spaces, orthogonal planes and hybrid sensory repositories. The electromagnetic relationship between bodies, concretely hybridized by circuits, generates iterations that produce a circumscribed yet very vital experience, intense in the unfolding of their sculptures and experimental scientism, very determined and structured. Noisy electronica, quite rhythmic and vibrant, reminds us that sound is not the only important thing: what exists around and after frequencies is also in those passageways where aesthetics and theories collide, stirring poetry which is anything but conventional.