RHFID Speakers, a different directional sound


Speakers are neutral. They carry the sound from its decoded source to our ears, but they are firm, static and impartial. They can be adjusted to create a better listening experience, or multiplied and singularly managed to enhance it even more, but they are meant to stay where you placed them the first time they were used. RHFID Speakers by Ulrik Andersen Hogrebe, Filippo Cuttica and Jacek Barcikowski are basically questioning this neutrality. Equipped with RFID tags their classic hi-fi speakers are sensitive to their positions, changing the sound they are playing accordingly. Instinctively they remind of old FM radios that would change their output because of their new reception/location, and “R” stands for “Radio” in RFID… When placed close to each other they play the same song, this time in stereo. But their relationship between sound and position opens different possibilities and generally speaking is significant of how radio waves can carry sound, data and data influencing sound. That old FM radio, if properly modified, would now play a different song, depending on its neighborhood.