Gilles Aubry & Stéphane Montavon – Les Écoutis Le Caire

Gilles Aubry & Stéphane Montavon

CD – Gruenrekorder
A simple white sheet, 51 by 84 centimeters, with the poetry of Stéphane Montavon spread over it. The CD is basically environmental field recordings, made by Gilles Aubry in Cairo, Egypt, in a bathroom, in a covered market, in a basilica and in a courtyard. Finally, other “audio catches” that can be traced to a refrigerator and a parking house, all gathered in a large box made of rough thick cardboard, held together by a coarse rubber band. The titles, the authors’ names and the other information are just engraved, without any ink. Why such meticulous care? Why are such seemingly random and inessential elements combined into a single project? Shaky sound sources, confused mumbles, fragmented juxtapositions, all contribute to the challenge, to the ambiguity of the data, in a multi-faceted and fascinating editing process. The indeterminate prompts us to pay more attention, the mediation between what is unusual and what is less so, favors – ultimately – the creative development of new ideas and plots.