Novi_sad – Mort Aux Vaches


CD – Staalplaat
The package is made of three thick layers of black vinyl, edged by a heavy fabric ribbon, fastened by the usual copper “pin”, the “centerpiece” of all Mort Aux Vaches releases. Our player starts and although we’re wearing our headphones and the volume is pumped to the maximum, all we can hear for about two minutes and forty-five seconds is a slight background rustle. We are then forced to tweak – many times – the software audio control because the emissions become progressively more intense, at first with slightly extended and penetrating signals, interspersed with granular audio emergencies, which are then dilated by amplified hums, ubiquitous and cyclical. In the forty-five minutes of the project – in the end – there were eight that were completely silent. The central part of this work – the one the human ear can hear – is instead marked by an organ-like but somewhat metallic drone, progressively “colonized” by cascading frequencies and gradually diminished several times, before the silence claims again its space, leaving us astonished at the impact and the brilliant composure of the plot.