Black To Comm – Alphabet 1968

Black To Comm

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Repeated melodies, drones and coagulated atmospheres, dark aural fluctuations, with a bias towards the mystical and evocative. In “Alphabet 1968”, Marc Richter (pseudonym: Black To Comm) takes these ingredients and leads the listener through an imaginative digital pilgrimage, poised somewhere between somnambulism and ecstatic confusion, in redemption – perhaps – of an everyday nature now only distant and reflected. The post-classical arrangements, a certain insistent melancholy and organ drifts are modulated in a calibrated manner, together with tape-loops and the sounds of many percussion instruments and small tools, revealing a thorough cut’n’paste knowledge. The soft reverberations of exotic “home made” gamelans peek from the grooves of the ten different tracks played in uninterrupted succession, along with samples from old 78 rpm vinyl records, analog textures and “tame” background noises. Everywhere are recovered sounds, which slip – in the end – into an arrangement of adventurous juxtapositions, inspired and enigmatic, involving a wide range of electronic influences.