Akira Kosemura – Polaroid Piano

Akira Kosemura

CD – Someone Good
Akira Kosemura creates fascinating miniatures in form of delicate piano elaborations, pop and classical at the same time, gentle and repeated, with light backgrounds of natural sounds and measured clicks. Pants, scratches, light percussions of string instruments, discrete field recordings that reinforce the idea of “domestic sounds”, capturing the emotion of the moment and enjoying it some seconds later. Just like in a Polaroid, which develops before our very eyes, a mechanical soft focus of barely hinted images, a dreamlike quality is preserved, speaking of a contiguous everyday reality, rarefied and a little mysterious. The strong narrative continuum pervades us between the grooves of “Polaroid piano”, like improvised gymnopedies, not without film suggestions and ornamental melancholic passages. Very meaningful music themes, vacuous but romantic, ten tracks tied by a very inspired sense of interpretative lightness, airy and convincing.