Jorge Haro – Works Based On Field Recordings

Jorge Haro

CD – Sudamerica Electronica
Jorge Haro, composer, sound and audio-visual artist, head of Sudamerica Electronica and LIMb0 festival director, insists on remarkable organic quality recordings, diluted in deconstructed scores, intertwined with long silences, drones and concrete auditory events, all very coarse and responsive with finely modulated contrasts. The field recordings used can often be perceived – from time to time – as “dripping” sounds, recorded in the mountain areas near Madrid. They are soon followed – in four separate recordings – by a loose travelogue documenting a trip between two cities in Argentina and Denmark. The recordings have a sort of impalpable quality, kept intact by Haro, even down to their volume levels. As you listen, you become aware of a design purposefully playing with cuts, absences and deliberately subdued moments. There is a need for the listener to allow themselves to be carried away by these enigmatic suggestions, giving way to impulses that work well only intimately. It is not by accident that the work ends between the old Buenos Aires tunnels, through the maze of the city, and we remember that the sensitivity of Latin America is also permeated by this: a deep sense of introspection and vacuum.