21st Century Home, a real virtuality experience

21st Century Home

Irony always pervades Paolo Pedercini’s work. We are used to see it applied to digital content in a game fashion. This time Molleindustria has created a “real virtuality” experience instead. The 21st Century Home is an installation users can dive into to get the feeling of how we’ll live in the future. The human avatar wears a fake virtual mask and enters the inflatable black light powered tent. All the objects inside look like binary wireframes. A persuasive female voice guides the user through the visit. The main assumption is that people will live in a hyper realistic environment made of sequences of 0 and 1. The binary code will be all around us, indispensable as the air we breath. Even the most impalpable substance, like relations, predictions, concerns, feelings will have a digital incarnation. Everything will be manipulated and exchanged via a digital DNA by millions of interconnected brains. And if the irony of this piece is not enough clear, see the Monnalisa made of dollar symbols and listen to the voice saying: “by looking at the perfection of our financial markets, we can have a glimpse of the future”. Under the dark light of this prediction, do we really want computers and their safe physical to become obsolete?

Valentina Culatti