Monoton – Eight Lost Tracks


CD – Oral
Since the early eighties, Konrad Becker (seminal media activist and author of the ‘Tactical Reality Dictionary’) has thoroughly tested sounds extracted from meta-mathematical structures, natural constants and patterns in his ‘Institut Für Wissenschaftliche Sensation’ project. Following an automatic “activation” model, the psycho-acoustic research seems focused on dark sequences, series and ‘magic numbers’. To prove all these experiments ‘Eight Lost Tracks’ has been released, with recordings made between 1981 and 1983, designed with the help of analog synthesizers and ‘primitive’ personal computers. These materials, mostly never published, are crude but effective, restless signs of how technology can be used as old tools for magic. To put it in the words of Becker, “not only science fiction makes use of concepts of poly-dimensionality… limited perspective and depth perception of relational proportions also allows for special effects illusions in the social group”.