DNE – 47 Songs Humans Shouldn’t Sing


CD – Room40
The idea that it’s impossible to sing some songs is persuasive. Do not expect – however – in these 47 small scores to face any ‘synthetic’ mixtures. The construction here is rather of avant-garde improvisations dating back to the second half of the 80s, when ‘international post-punk’ has almost exhausted its early drive, and was instead gathering abstract and artistic experiments, pursuing even more primal ancient and anarcho-Dadaist impulses. Free acts that did not care for consequences, in free and highly “contaminated” forms. Their forerunners – in different seasons – were personalities like Albert Ayler and James Change, and these recordings, that were lost, are now reprinted in the form of visionary “miniatures”. “It is no longer a matter of notes, but of feelings” could be proposed in paraphrasing the master of free-jazz just mentioned. Here there are plots slowly unravelling, eccentric and clownish electric contortions, audio prophecies coming from distant eras.