Sound Chaser, running a vinyl rail track

Sound Chaser

Almost none of the dozens of interactive music tables have escaped the “abstraction” trap, sticking with similar, familiar “elements” made in perfect geometric shapes that assume the identity of “instruments”, “samples”, “drums”, you name it. Yuri Suzuki’s “Sound Chaser” instead tries to exploit a connective system that has already proven to be functional: the rail system. His small but very well designed machine simply follows the tracks of chipped pieces of vinyl records (that the author got at second hand stores) joined together. It’s a double process: the records are dissected and broke into pieces, destroying their original published unity. But their pieces, as cells of a new organism, come back into life through the join and the “chaser” running through them in a playful path freely constructible by the user. The manipulation of sounds becomes purely manual, mechanic but seamlessly recombinant.